Student pressured to waived charge against her senior

A university staff has asked a student to cease prosecution against seniors who posted her picture on Facebook and condemned her for inappropriate dressing though she was in a department store.
On 10 July 2017, the ANTI-SOTUS, a network against human rights violations in universities, published screen captures of a Facebook user posting candid photos of a student wearing uniform of Maejo University with jean and sandals. The photo's’ caption is “What’s your major? How could you dress like this? Don’t your seniors educate you? Why don’t you just wear a private shirt? Not like this. It’s a shame.” 
The ANTI-SOTUS’s post went viral and has generated over 3,000 comments and almost 6,000 shares. Majority of comments condemn the Facebook user, which later deactivated the account, for violating the student’s rights by taking her pictures and posting them online without permission. Some questioned why the student have to wear full uniform while she was in a department store. 
After the story went viral, Narong (surname withheld) told media that the student in the pictures is his cousin and he was collecting evidence to file a defamation charge against those who took the pictures. He added that the student’s mother is considering moving her daughter to other university. 
The student has faced further intimidation, however. According to Panuwat Songsawatchai, a former secretary-general of ANTI-SOTUS, the student was summoned into a talk with the university’s student loan staff. The staff asked her to end the prosecution as it would cause bad image to the university. 
Panuwat said that the student has already visited the staff but result of the talk remains unknown.   
Pictures of the student and her ‘inappropriate dressing’ (Photo from ANTI-SOTUS